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Use Good Common Sense Both Online or Offline by Tom Chapman

It's important to use our good common sense whether we initially meet someone online or offline.

I think most people value their privacy but sometimes we also need to exchange some limited information about ourselves. Issues like a woman's safety is always most important regarding this exchanging of information! Yes, I also have a grown daughter and want her or any other woman to always be safe whether she meets someone online or offline!

The Internet is weaving itself into our daily lives and more and more we meet people online initially and for many different reasons. It might be a dating site we meet on if we are single, or it might also be a social site like Linkedin or Facebook or many other websites.

If you consider how much information people are putting on the internet, it's amazing! How many employers are now looking at potential employee's Facebook pages before deciding if they get an interview? Or how many recruiters are using Linkedin? And the list goes on and on! The Internet is part of all our lives now so accept it and decide what is right for you to be safe!

But as I said, what's most important is to use our good common sense whether we initially meet online or offline. And if you are not comfortable with what someone is telling you, you can always buy a background check for roughly $25, which is not much money if you need greater peace of mind.